…. The journey into the beauty of Gaia awaits you. She is the breath of life that flows in the breezy currents awakening tree and leaf to moving grace. SHE is the tumultuous waters that rise with the tides and peak in ecstasy reshaping the shore. Gaia is the fertile field that opens itself to the planting of seed and grazing of the four-legged creatures. All flow one to the other and Gaia, as the Earth Mother dons her mantle of Wisdom in the ways of time and manifest creation .... 

Available: February 20.2017

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If you've missed any of the workshops I've presented be sure to check out their availability on-line. Enjoy the sample course- Celestial Magick and Its Workings and find out more about upcoming classes available. There are lots of Freebies as well. Click here...​

Robin serves as High Priestess  of 

Coven of the Mystic Path, ASW

Coven of the Mystic Path, ASW offers a rigorous training program within the syncretic disciplines of the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel; a 30+ year tradition and community.

Throughout the year Coven of the Mystic Path provides service to the community with open events and a full schedule of multi-discipline workshops and intensives to enrich your spiritual/magickal practice.

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Coven of the Mystic Path


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​​​​​​​Workshops 2017!

5-Hr. Intensives

Saturday, January 14 (alt. snow date 1/23)               


Dreaming Creation                          

Sunday, October 15                                                      


Magick's Fire: Awakening to the Ancient Ones

​                          Temple of the Moon

​                       7-Part Educational Series

Tuesday Evening Series                            7:00-9:30p.m.                   

Springfield Friends Meetinghouse

Part One:              January 24 – March 14                      8 wks

It’s Written in the Stars: An Introduction to Astrology


Part Two:              April 4 – May 2                                     5 wks 

Under the Veil of Night: Lunar Magick


Part Three:          May 23 – June 13                                  4 wks

Destiny’s Mirror: Practical Divination

Part Four:             July 11 - 25                                              3 wks

Celestial Tides: Days of Light, Dark and Balance

Part Five:              August 8 and 15                                    2 wks

Breathing in the Sun (7:00-9:00 outdoors)

Part Six:                 September 5 – October 24               8 wks

The Celestial Human: Planetary Gifts

A Special Samhain Event...

One day- October 31st

Parting the Veils: Calling to the Ancestors

Part Seven:          November 14 – December 12           5 wks

Nuit’s Mantle: Cosmic Alchemy               

Check back throughout the Year for more confirmed events. For more information check the Events page....

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"Where your journey begins and where your journey ends

are but cornerstones of the limitless potential 

of the many paths taken between"

About Robin

Robin has been on the path of the spiritual seeker since her early teens. Growing up in a spiritually supportive family provided the opportunity to explore a variety of esoteric traditions encompassing Eastern Philosophy, Metaphysics and the Western Magickal System. Read more.....

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A New Book!

                                 September 2.2017

                                 I will be teaching The Politics of                                            Magick: Working to Effect Change                                     at Phila. Pagan Pride Day.  For more                                information about this fabulous event held yearly in Maryland, click here..

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