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Robin has been on the path of the spiritual seeker since her early teens. Growing up in a spiritually supportive family provided the opportunity to explore a variety of esoteric traditions encompassing Eastern Philosophy, Metaphysics and the Western Magickal System. Read more.....

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A Journey to the Inner Chamber

Robin serves as High Priestess  of 

Coven of the Mystic Path, ASW

​​Coven of the Mystic Path, ASW offers a rigorous training program within the syncretic disciplines of the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel; a 30+ year tradition and community.

Throughout the year Coven of the Mystic Path provides service to the community with open events and a full schedule of multi-discipline workshops and intensives to enrich your spiritual/magickal practice.

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Coven of the Mystic Path


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Writings in the Shadow

...is an exploration of the horrors that can be held in the light and what the nature of darkness and shadow have the potential to be. Writings is separated into four parts, each including poetry and prose that create the vision and ambiance of taking a journey into the realm of the shadow. 

Teachings on the Path is my on-line web access to courses that I've taught and those that are currently running. Each set of course work includes live audio, handouts and more. Many of the classes are 4 - 6wk long events, with each week's materials uploaded to a password protected site for those attending in real time and virtually. All course materials are downloadable

Now through May 1st, I am offering Free Access to one (1) course. During the COVID-19 outbreak many classes and events have been canceled, but we still thirst to learn, study and practice. To view the Index of courses and choose yours...

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"Where your journey begins and where your journey ends

are but cornerstones of the limitless potential 

of the many paths taken between"

​​​​​​​​​Workshops 2020!

​                               Temple of  Light

                              Educational Series

Tuesday Evening Series                            7:00-9:30p.m.                   

Springfield Friends Meetinghouse

​​Part Three:          May 5 -  May 26                                        4 wks

Awakened Senses: Psychic Development

Part Four:           June 9 - June 30                                        4 wks

I AM the Path: In the Halls of the Divine                                 

Summer Bites: Practicums/Critiques                                     

July 14 (Casting)   July 21 (Divination)  August 11 (Chant Circle)                                                                                                   

Part Four:            September 15 - October 20                   6 wks

At Home in the Cosmos: Planetary Magick


         A Special Samhain Event...
One day - October 27th
                   In the Company of the Ancestor's 

Part Five:              November 10 - December 8                 5 wks

My Allies: Protection Magick

Check back throughout the Year for more confirmed events. For more information check the Events page....


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I would like to extend my wishes for the well being and safety of all during the COVID-19 outbreak. Please heed the cautions and guidance of the CDC and local restrictions as you are able. Please take this time of social distancing to reach out to friends and loved ones in other ways via phone calls and video chats. If you are home with loved ones, please take this time to deepen your relationships and take comfort in this downtime together.

I've included the link to the CDC and highly recommend reading through the information provided. Stay well and take abundant care as we all travel this path together... Many Blessings... Robin 

I will be teaching at these events...​​

Robin Fennelly

Writer     Teacher     Ritualist     Weaver of Magick


Journey to the Inner Chamber explores studies in Magickal Technique, Western Hermetics, Practical Spirituality and Eastern Philosophy. Topics include: Astrology, Hermetic Qabalah, Ritual, Energetic Anatomy, Pathworking and more for the seeker on the Path.

The Light of SELF

…. ....What is the Great Work of the Illuminated Being? ....  It is the Work of aligning your parts of Self to move in reflection and accord with the energies of the natural and spiritual world that surrounds and resides within us. 

Audio files of pathworkings and guided meditations crafted as stand alone explorations or extracted from Teachings on the Path web course materials and live recordings. Free content..

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TOTP at Bandcamp

​​Temple of the Sun: Release date March 2020

...follows the path of the Sun through the 12 Astrological Solar Months of the year. An introduction to the basics of Astrology and an additional feature of keynotes of the Hermetic Tree of Life-Qabalah makes this book  easily accessible to the novice and adept in these disciplines.  Beginning with the solar month of astrological Aries, each month has recommendations for magickal and Qabalistic application. Each month concludes with a

 pathworking that takes the reader into the Hall of the Solar Month's sign. 

On-Line Course Work
Teachings on the Path​: A Space of Learning

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