The Temple of Hermetic Wisdom Series 2022

Resumes this Fall with ​Part Five:  

The Ladder of Stars       

Moving Out Into the Cosmos - Astrology
September 14 - 21 - 28        (3-Wks.) 

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PE Studies: Tuesday Night Talks (TNT)

In-Person and Virtual

TNT is held on select Tuesday evenings at the Springfield Meetinghouse @ 7:00pm - 8:15pm. Topics will vary and offer a casual setting for teaching.


September 27.2022

What is Magick?

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Robin Fennelly

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​Pagan Experience Studies 2022

"Where your journey begins and where your journey ends are but cornerstones of the  limitless potential of the many

paths taken between"...rcf

 In-Person Esbat Events

Our Next Esbat is October 25.2022 

New Moon in Scorpio

Samhain's Moon Gate

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