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Robin Fennelly

My intent and approach in crafting a workshop is to provide a connection between multiple “pieces of the puzzle” that will serve to infuse magickal and personal transformative workings. My main goal is to open the participant to the possibilities and present the material in a way that will stoke and catalyze an interest and desire to seek out more information; while taking into consideration the “bigger picture”. I have found that in most cases, the infusion of multiple outcomes and perspectives actually helps to assist the process of narrowing down the specific area of a participant’s interest through the natural tendency towards sorting those things that we engage and interact with. With that thought I mind, I feel it is my responsibility as a teacher who chooses to teach in this manner to be sure that the extraneous material is relevant and productive in initializing the desire to learn more. The structure I implement works to establish a bridge between the subject matter, incorporating the energetic nature of the subject area and wherever possible the core concepts of Astrology and Qabalah. This construct is then overlaid with numerology, sacred geometry, sound and color in a way that can be used for practical application. The ultimate goal for this approach is to stimulate the creative nature as it is expressed in all parts of the SELF and use it as a foundation from which growth is the imminent outcome. 

Please note that this is a small selection of workshop studies available. Please inquire for a specific topic....

Specific Areas of Focus Are: 

Energetic Protocol (Deity and Ritual)
Study and Practical Use of the Qabalah
Magickal Writings in the form of Pathworkings, Poetry and as vehicles of Breath
Tarot as a tool for self-study and practical application

The Tantra of Sound
Chants inspire us, toning enlivens us and the music of the spheres moves through us as vessels for its energy. We are profoundly touched daily by the vibration of sound and for the most part its effect on us remains unnoticed. This class will explore the nature of sound; it’s use and potency for ritual and its transformative potential in daily practice. We will take a closer look at the connection between the written word and its dynamics when pulsed through the vehicle of sound. We will open to a new perspective surrounding some of the tried and true ritual chants that are used and the purposeful thread of sound as used through all religious and spiritual practice from the first sounds of creative outpour to the cornerstones of mantra and tone to awaken the energetic centers.  This class will be highly experiential with focus on INTENT, NOT vocal expertise.  
The Witch’s Palette
This workshop will explore the use of color in magickal and personal transformative workings. Color permeates esoteric symbology and its use as an effective tool for shifting consciousness is documented in throughout varied healing and initiatory modalities. Topics will include: The energetic signature of color;  Attuning to your personal color; Use of color for ritual and Magick and the varied correspondences related to color. 

In the Labyrinth of the Dark Goddess ~ Hecate
The Dark Goddess Hecate stands at the crossroads and offers challenge to all who will overcome their fears and embrace the work of the shadow of transformation. If we overlay the energy of the Labyrinth  
on this intersection of the four roads, we see the deeper levels of insight and complexity that await those who accept the wisdom of Hecate. This workshop will open to Hecate in the form of the labyrinth of time that spirals first in and down towards the core of Self and then returns along the same Path forever transformed. Her tripartite nature as Maiden, Mother and Crone will be discussed and a pathworking will conclude the workshop.

The Breath of Light
On the wings of breath desire is made manifest. Air feeds us, fills us to expand and in the exhale of release leaves the space of void within to be filled. This workshop will focus on the use of breath in energetic practice. Aligning your breathing with the focus and intent of stoking the fires of the creative urge and moving it up and through the chakra vortices allows for more specific outpour to enhance magickal workings. Topics will include the discussion of the aspects of Light as expressed through color and the ultimate blending to a state of pure brilliance as we move the breath upwards towards the Godhead. This workshop is highly experiential in practice of this energetic protocol.

Meditation for The Magickal Practitioner: The Inner Gateway
Meditation has long been a core practice engaged in by those on a spiritual path. Its benefits in providing a calm center of mind and strengthening of the discipline required for extended points of focus and intent to accomplish a variety of goals in diverse settings have been enjoyed by those who maintain a consistent practice. We will take a look at the varied meditative practices and traditions and the key components of each form. Discussion of how to use these components effectively to improve focus and intent and connect with Deity, as well as suggestions for creating meditation spaces and establishing a personal meditative practice will give you the tools to enhance your magickal practice.
Presenting Your Magickal SELF:  Ritual and Theater Arts 
This workshop will offer tools and tips to fine-tune your presence in ritual space, using the parallel of theater craft with practical application of technique.  Topics will include:
Projecting the Voice
Maintaining a Solid Presence
Using the correct chakra point to support the role assumed 
Exercises to relax and prime the voice & body before ritual
The Dynamics of Ritual Energy
Engaging Your Magickal Persona and more

Workshop by Title

Foundations of Magickal Practice 

SPIRIT into Matter- Intermediate to Advanced 
This workshop will take an in depth look at the process of maintaining the energetic circuit of flow that moves both upwards towards our Divine nature and returns, unified back into its place within human form.

The Three Faces of Personal Devotion
This class will explore the practice of devotion through the Triune archetypes of the God and Goddess. 

The Illuminated Wheel
This workshop will present a look at the Witch’s Wheel of the year through the lens of energetic practice and aligning the seasonal energies in support of the turning of the wheel within all parts of Self. 

Developing Your Intuitive Self
This class will explore how to develop your intuitive nature using experiential exercises and discussion of how to strengthen and open to the enhanced senses. 

Introduction to Divination
This workshop will explore the various types of Divination, their use and basic methods of preparation and increased opening to the skill of Divination.  

Green Magick: A Divine Connection to the Natural World
This workshop will discuss what Green Magick is and how its practitioners employ use of the natural world as both Temple and tool of the God and Goddess

Celtic Tree Magick
This workshop will explore the lore and wisdom imparted by reverence of the Sacred trees by the Celts. 

Where the Wild Things Are
This workshop is an exploration of Power Animals, Totems and techniques for connecting with and accessing the primal nature within.  

Mystery of the Serpent 
This workshop will call upon the serpent of wisdom that lays dormant within each of us. We will discuss how to use the fire of this energy and the transformation catalyzed by the serpent of the Uraeus.

Lighting the Midnight Flame: An Introduction to Candle Magick  

An Introduction to the Qabalah within the Western Mystery Tradition (see under full day intensive)

Honoring the Divine: From Daily Practice to Deity Specific Ritual
This workshop will explore the many means by which we honor the God and Goddess.  

Pagan Parenting: Lighting the Way for the Next Generation 
This workshop will explore the joys and challenges faced in raising children in a Pagan home.  

Drama: It's Use in Ritual 
This workshop will discuss techniques of creating choreographed and theatrically-based ritual

Energetic Studies and Anatomy

Awakening the Energetic SELF- Intermediate 
This workshop will explore the basics of energetic practice and the body as a Sacred Vessel for the workings.  

Our Energetic Blueprint- Beginner
This class will discuss the essential components for establishing a successful energetic practice. 

I Sing the Body Electric: A Study of the Chakras
Our bodies are amazing conductors and receivers of energy and life force. They are composed of an intricate network of neural pathways and subtle energetic ley lines. 

The Sacred Body: Instrument of the Divine 
This workshop will explore the body as both a physical and spiritual instrument; holistic care and exercise to fuel the energetic fires and honor the body as a sacred temple.

Varied Levels

An Introductory Study of the Tarot: What’s in the Cards? 
History, lore and your first deck of Tarot cards.

A Study of the Tarot: Beginner
A continuation of What's in the Cards, this is an in depth study of the Major and Minor Arcana. 

Tarot as a Tool for Self-Discovery
This course will provide an exploration of the cards of the Major Arcana and application of the metaphoric “Journey of the Fool” as a means of revealing our inner strengths and weaknesses. 
A Walk Through the Major Arcana: This workshop moves through the cards of the  Major Arcana as metaphors for our spiritual journey. Each card is explored in poetic representation. 

Numerology for Beginners: The Art and Science of Numbers
From the time of Pythagoras and the early mathematicians, numbers have been a fascinating foray into the mystical and the logical. 

Varied Levels

It's Written in the Stars: An Introduction to Astrology 
Beginner:  The core concepts, definitions and basic understanding of an astrological chart are taught. Topics include: Overview of Astrology as science and mystery, signs of the Zodiac, the Houses of the chart and the planets in relation to the overall chart and their placement within. 

Intermediate:  Review of basic knowledge and introduction to aspects, the asteroids, different house systems and beginning predictive techniques.

Advanced:  Introduction to Esoteric astrology, composite charts and intuiting your own analysis. 
Note:  All levels work in an experiential manner with appropriate (based on level of class) charts provided for participants to interact with as a visual tool during discussion of the various components.  Birth date, time and location will be collected during the first class, with charts provided at next lesson. 

Full Day Intensives and Workshop Series

The Gates of Light  and Rainbow Serpent Ritual
(Full- Day Intensive)
Intermediate to Advanced Level

The Gates of Light workshop is part of the Awakening the Energetic SELF series. This workshop will take an in depth look at the energies of the cross points of the Chakras, as portals of Light- Sound and Vibration. The day concludes with The Rainbow Serpent ritual.

A Day Within the Tree of Life and Ritual of the Qabalistic Spheres
(Full-Day Intensive)

This intensive is an introduction to the Qabalah as used within the Western Mystery Tradition. This workshop will explore the basics of the Tree, the expression of the varied energies of each of the Sephiroth, the coalescing nature of the paths and the ultimate expression of the Divine as its emanates towards manifest form.  The day concludes with a Ritual of the Qabalistic Spheres.

Multi-Session Series

WICCA 101 Series (10-Part)

Foundations of the Craft 
Tools of the Craft: The "Smells and Bells" 
The Circle of Art: Creation of Sacred Space 
Turning the Wheel of the Year 
It's My Intent: Crafting Effective Ritual 
A Study of the Elements  
Walking the Path: Dedication and Initiation 
Creating an Effective Spiritual Practice 
The Greater Work Within Community 
 In the Presence of Deity

Awakening the Energetic SELF Series (4-Part)

Session One: The Energetic Temple and the Basics
Session Two: The Cosmic & Scientific Principles of Energy 
Session Three: A Holistic Approach to Energy Work
Session Four:  Setting the Practice in Motion

Mystery of the Sabbats 
A  series of workshops that act as prelude to a ritual of celebration for each turn of the Witch’s Wheel

Samhain-Drinking From the Cauldron of Knowledge
Yule- The Inner Awakening
Imbolc-The Quickening Fires of Brighid 
Ostara- Seeds at Earth’s Core
Beltane-The Tantra of Beltane
Litha- Strength of the Sun
Lammas-Sitting in the Place of Sacrifice
Mabon-Opening to the Anima Mundi (World Soul)

Creating Sacred Space
3- Wk Session
This series of workshops will explore the basics of creating a working space that is contained, sacred and dedicated to the work to be accomplished. 
Temple of the Moon 
 6- Wk Session
A Series of workshops exploring the Lunar energies and all that encompass her embrace. Based on the energies of the sphere of Yesod. The series concludes with The Temple of the Moon Ritual: Nuit's Mantle. 
Temple of the Sun
7- Wk Session
A Series of workshops exploring the Solar energies and all that is held in the strength of Light. Based on the energies of the sphere of Tiphareth. This series concludes with the Temple of RA Ritual. 

Sleeping with the Goddess Series
 NOTE: Each workshop concludes with a Deity and energy specific Ritual 

Sleeping with The Goddess: The Beginnings
The Seven Veils of Hathor: A Study of Women's Mysteries 
The Call of the Dark Goddess: Embracing the Shadow SELF 
Wisdom of the Crone
The Cradle Of Life ~ Isis
Cosmic Alchemy ~ Nuit 
In the Service of the Divine Goddess ~ Brighid 
Dark Night of Transformation ~ Hecate 
It’s Written in the Stars:  An Introduction to Astrology
This 9-wk series will provide the core concepts, definitions and basic understanding of an astrological (or natal) chart.  We will use our individual natal charts as starting points of analysis and reference. 

A Study of the Qabalah Within the Western Mystery Tradition 
The Spheres (11-Part)
A Journey on The Paths of the Tree (10-Part)
This series of workshops combines the Paths of the Tree using sacred geometry, the foundations of each path's meaning and a study of the Hebrew letter and card of the Major Arcana. Looking at the Paths in this way as groups of cohesive energy provides a greater level of connection and understanding to encourage practical application.