The Pagan Experience Study Group

Celebrating 12 years of Sharing and Learning Together

The Temple of the Witch

   Foundations of Magickal Practice

The PE Study group celebrates its 12th year of learning with our classes for 2023. This Year’s Series focuses on the tools and skills of those who walk the path of the Witch as a practitioner of the merging of ancient and modern practices to craft a uniquely "yours" approach. Topics will provide the foundations that ensure a sound, successful and magickal practice that aligns with new perspectives of the Craft and a more inclusive way of Be-coming the Witch that thrives in the modern world. This will be an inclusive multi-source series weaving a field of connectivity of theory, practice, contemplatives and more. 

Each of the individual classes will be highly experiential employing both theory and practice that may be used as part of your spiritual practice, and will employ a variety of tools for maximum effect, including:

·       Meditations/pathworkings and contemplative journaling
·       Discussion and Experiential
·       Suggested personal practice
·       Resources and more…

Although, the greatest benefit is derived from participating in all of the sessions, they are content rich as stand alone components. Those seeking membership in Coven of the Mystic Path should plan to attend these classes.  You MUST Pre-register for these events to receive an invitation to join the event at the online platform and information about what you will need for the classes.

To Register for this event:  EVENT REGISTRATION 


Wordsmith    Ritualist      Author      Teacher      Weaver of Magick

We want to ensure that all remain safe and well, so at this time we are resuming classes  ONLINE.  These  events will be held using ZOOM video platform and can be accessed through a laptop, smartphone, desktop or tablet.  Your chosen device must be connected to the internet and have speakers. A webcam is optional, but highly recommended to get the most from your experience.



​​​​​      All classes  meet virtually on Wednesday Evenings and are 2-Wk Sessions

Time: 7:00-8:45/9:00p.m.

FEE:  $25 for Each 2-Wk Session 

Part One:  1/18 – 1/25    


Who/What is A Witch? 


Part Two:  2/15 - 2/22      

Mysteries of the Lunar Month

Workings  On the Milky Beams


Part Three:  4/12 - 4/19

Under the Cloak of the Divine




Those We Offer Devotion


  Part Four:  5/17 - 5/24

A Journey of No Steps

​Inner Workings Become Outer Magick​​


​Part Five:  9/20 - 9/27

Becoming the Weaver of Magick


Priming the Witch's Parts of s/SELF

​Part Six:  10/11 - 10/18

A Peek Behind the Veils

Sigils, Spells and the Quantum World

​​Part Seven:   11/8 - 11/15

Engaging the World(s) - Walker in the World (s)

Part Eight:    A Special In-Person Session

Tuesday, December 5

A Ritual of Dedicaion to Your Path




Out of state, already filled up with obligations? We offer distance learning for these events. Many are already using this option.  Simply log-in using the ZOOM invitation link sent to you when your registered and you're all set. 


All classes are recorded and uploaded to a password protected web page. Each week the page is populated with the work of that specific week.  The entire series is available after the last class and may be purchased at any time for at-your-own pace study and listening.  This has been an appreciated option for participants as we know life sometimes throws us a curve ball and we have to miss a class or two.

Robin Fennelly