The Pagan Experience Studies

Wed. July 20th -  VIRTUAL

Dig Deeper - Numerology and the Hermetic Arts 

Numerology is the study of numbers, and the mystical manner in which they reflect specific energetic signatures wherever they are applied. They are part of a complex system of vibration and can be found in every hermetic endeavor.  This workshop will explore the use of numbers, the layers of interpretation held in the numerologic decoding of our magickal workings and their greater use in the Hermetic arts. 

REGISTER THROUGH  PAYPAL:   $20​​             

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Robin Fennelly

The PE Summer Specials are monthly opportunities to dig a little deeper into select Hermetic Disciplines and their interwoven connections.  All events require pre-registration and use a virtual, hybrid or in-person setting.

Time:  7:00 - 9:00pm

Location:  In Person

Springfield Friend's Meetinghouse

1001 Olde Sproul Rd.

Springfield, PA 19064

Virtual: ZOOM platform       

Participants will be sent the ZOOM invite after registration. 

Tues., August 2nd                    In Person

Dig Deeper- Activating The Glyphs of the Alchemical Elements

By definition  the alchemical Elements are…
• four substances that constitute all physical matter – basic qualities
• 4 phases of matter- solid (Earth), liquid (water), gaseous (Air), plasma (Fire)

 The energies and components both at a scientific and esoteric level of the four basic elements are the fundamental ingredients contained within every structure of our Cosmos.  In magickal workings, the glyphs of the alchemical elements are called into action to create sacred space, spell work and more.   This workshop will explore a technique to activate the glyphs of the alchemical elements as multi-dimensional constructs and as contemplative tools to engage the liminal spaces of magick.


Wed. June 29th -  VIRTUAL

Dig Deeper - The Major Arcana and The Hermetic Tree of Life 

The integration of the mystical imagery of the Major Arcana and the paths of the Hermetic Tree of Life is a staple of Qabalistic studies. Beyond the traditional assignations and interpretations of this overlay of Tarot and Qabalah is a wealth of hermetic understanding that dips into the spaciousness of consciousness, spiritual practice and magickal workings.  This workshop will explore the nuances, mysteries and paths less travelled within  the  keys of the Major Arcana when applied to the Hermetic Tree of Life. 

REGISTER  THROUGH  PAYPAL:      $20           

Summer Specials