Bandcamp: Teachings on the Path with Robin

Audio recordings of pathworkings and guided meditations crafted as stand alone explorations or extracted from Teachings on the Path web course materials and live recordings. ALL FREE content..

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Temple of the Cosmic Spheres is a venue for writings about the planetary energies, the astrological overlays and their impacts on our daily lives.These explorations will be approached using poetry, pathworkings, suggested magickal workings, fact, fiction and lore. Correspondences to numerology and Qabalah will be referenced for those wanting to dig a little deeper into these cosmic mysteries.   Features of this astrological site include a year long study of solar magick - Temple of the Sun and Temple of the Moon- a month-long engagement of the transits of the Moon as it moved in its daily cycle through the Zodiac.  For more information about Astrology and Planetary Magick: Temple of the Cosmic Spheres

Online Courses and More

I am a life-long learner and I would venture to say that most who walk the path of seeking more knowledge of themselves as spiritual and magickal Beings, also embrace a path of continued learning in this and many lifetimes of experience. In support of the this philosophy,  I offer a variety of ways to access my classes, pathworkings and videos.  I routinely add to these sites and offerings so I invite you to  check them frequently for new additions.

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Robin Fennelly

Teachings on the Path holds the content of many of my workshops. Live recordings, handouts and supplemental materials comprise the variety of courses including Qabalah, Astrology, Energy Management and Protocol, Numerology, the Witch's Pyramid and more. These are a combination of fee-based and freebies.  For more information:   Teachings on the Path

Youtube: A The Inner Chamber

A Journey to the Inner Chamber explores studies in Magickal Technique, Western Hermetics, Practical Spirituality and Eastern Philosophy. Topics include: Astrology, Hermetic Qabalah, Ritual, Energetic Anatomy, Pathworking and more for the seeker on the Path. This is a continually growing collection of videos including WICCA 101 series, 30-days of Samhain, Contemplatives and more.  

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A Witch's Sacred Journeyprovides everything needed to create a sustainable and fulfilling practice of witchcraft, magick and pagan philosophies.  I created this blog as a resource for those new to the path, as well as those very familiar with the the ways of the Wise.  The inspiration came from the interest and requests received to teach some WICCA 101 classes. What emerged was an online course that could be accessed by those anywhere in the world.

A Year and A Day on the Wiccan Path

A Course for beginners on the WICCAN Path and some New Insights for those well-travelled!

YAD is an online course I created many years ago to address the requests of many who wanted to explore-at their own pace - the basics of a Wiccan practice.  This webpage also features 30-Days of Samhain , a daily countdown of 30-days prior and concluding on t he date of astrological Samhain (Nov. 6 - 8).  This has been a yearly staple with updates for the past 4-years. The Winter Solstice receives similar loving attention with 19-Days of Illuminated Darkness-exploring the lore and practices of the Yuletide.  For more information:  A Witch's Sacred Journey

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