The Pagan Experience Study Group

Springfield Meeting House

Springfield, PA

Tuesday Evening Series

7:00 - 9:30 pm.

Temple of the Sun Series 

​Part One: Solar Magick

The journey of the Solar Barque

January 16- February 27


FEE:  $60

Part Two: Egyptian Alchemy

Opening the Way

March 27-May 15


FEE: $80

Part Three: Illuminated Ritual

Creation of the Sacred

June 5-June 19


​FEE: $30

Part Four: Through the Eyes of RA

Photography and Sacred Symbols

July 10-July 31


FEE: $40

Dog Days of Summer Special...

  The Illuminated Tarot

  Informed Readings

  August 21-September 4


  FEE: $ 35

Part Five: Ma'at and Order in Chaos

The Hermetic Laws in Action

September 25-October 30

Includes a special Samhain celebration-Oct. 30th

Parting the Veils Ritual


​FEE: $60

Part Six: The Midnight Sun

Standing in the Shadow

November 6-December 4

5 wks

​FEE: $50

Featured Events!

Events 2018

​​Spring Magick

Saturday, April 7

A Day of Magick and Ritual

Springfield Meeting House

Springfield, PA

For more information and to register...

Spring Magick 2018


Pre-registration is required for all events.

I will be teaching at these events. Registration information is below:

Sacred Space Conference 2018

March 15-18

Hunt Valley , MD. 

For more information and to register....

Sacred Space 2018

5-Hr. Intensives..

FEE: $45 p/Intensive

Location: Springfield Meeting House

Unlocking the Tarot

February 18        1:00-6:00p.m.

The Shadow of the Fool: Tarot for Shadow Work

November 10              ​10:00-4:00p.m.

Please use this form to pre-register for The Pagan Experience study group events. You will receive an email of confirmation and a follow-up reminder email of what to bring and day's schedule. Pre-registration is required for all events so we may plan accordingly.  Fees are payable on the first evening (series) or day of the event, unless otherwise noted. If friends are coming with you please have each complete an individual registration form.  

I Look Forward to Meeting You Soon!   

Robin Fennelly

Writer     Teacher     Ritualist     Weaver of Magick


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