... Temple of the Sun follows the path of the Sun through the 12 Astrological Solar Months of the year. An introduction to the basics of Astrology and an additional feature of keynotes of the Hermetic Tree of Life-Qabalah makes this book easily accessible to the novice and adept in these disciplines.  Beginning with the solar month of astrological Aries, each month has recommendations for magickal and Qabalistic application. Each month concludes with a  pathworking that takes the reader into the Hall of the Solar Month's sign.   

Read an excerpt here​​...

Esoteric Inspiration

Magickal Verse: A Collection of Poetry and Prose
First Edition: February 2018​           146 pgs.                $15

S/H  3 - 4  Books

....  Awakening the Paths is the Third Volume in The Inner Chamber series. Volume Three provides an overview of the Tree of Life through the lens of the Western Mystery Tradition with focus on the Paths of Synthesis within the Tree.  The viability of overlay of this system of information is proven in its effects and insights gained when applied to a sound magickal practice. Part One provides an introduction to the core concepts and structure of the Qabalistic Tree and serves as reference for use as the reader moves through each chapter. Part Two gives insight into the energies of each of the specific paths of the Tree. Each chapter is dedicated to a single path and includes the Tarot Key, Hebrew Letter, Planetary and Elemental correspondences. 

Read an excerpt here....

Lunar and Solar Magick

Temple of the Sun and Moon: Luminous Devotionals
First Edition: February 2016​           
160 pgs.                       $15

....  Based on the required studies for new Dedicants of Coven of the Mystic Path of the Assembly of the Sacred Wheel Tradition, The Elemental Year provides the reader with a year of personal interaction with the Elements of Magick. Each of the Elements are studied individually and then continue within the context of each being a component of all. Chapter One offers an Overview of the Elements as they are used in magickal practice. Chapter Two gives correspondences and the basic information needed to incorporate use of the Elements in ritual and magickal workings. Chapters Three through Seven are formatted with focus on each of the Four Elements in their form as pure essence. The sub-elements are aligned with a study of one month for each and offer suggested practice, theory and the efficacy in use of sub-elements within the primary. The Appendices provide tables of the Elements as used for Tarot, 

Qabalah, Astrology and more. Poetry and meditations are used as adjuncts to the study to engage the reader at a deeper level of understanding. This book is a valuable resource to the student of occult studies and moving through a whole year of exploration will be well worth the efforts as your personal practice makes deeper connection with the currents of natural life force that exist Universally.  Read an excerpt here....

....  The Enchanted Gate: Musings on the Magick of the Natural World  takes the reader on a journey through the natural world using poetry, photography and pathworkings. The invitation is offered to look at the world of nature as a place of magick, mystery  and beauty as we reconnect with the living world that surrounds us. The First Chapter offers tribute to the majesty of Trees. The Second Chapter highlights the seasons and the changes that are brought with each. Chapter Three opens the lens wider and takes in a panoramic view of the natural landscape.  The last chapter provides a selection of Pathworkings that employ the natural world as setting for renewal, prosperity and planting the fertile seeds of growth. The opportunity to bring the natural world into co-creation with our intention awaits those who answer Her wild call.

Read an excerpt here....​​

..... Magickal Verse is a collection of poetry and prose that reflects the creative process that has arisen from my chosen spiritual path and the years of study, teaching and experience gathered from a hunger to know who and what I am in this lifetime’s journey. I have used the forms of poetry, prose and pathworking as the basis of these writings. I love to use poetry as a tool to directly inspire the subconscious. Much like the dream state this style of expression allows the images to form and the space of response to fill in the blanks for the reader’s individual interpretation. A few short stories are included that hold many levels of interpretation beyond the simple tale told; each a lesson to be learned as the reality of the mundane and the surreal nature of the mysteries are revealed.  Read an excerpt here...

I love to write and especially like incorporating poetry, prose  and pathworkings in my books.  I have found this to be very effective in allowing the reader to connect,  process  and integrate the information in any way that they personally resonate with.  My books are available on Amazon or can be signed and ordered directly from me on this webpage.  Please be sure to add the S/H charges to your cart when ordering. More info is at the bottom of this page.

 Astrology and Planetary Magick

Temple of the Sun: An Astrological Solar Year                   

First Edition: March 2020                             440 pgs.                             $20

This book is the companion volume to Poetry of the Spheres and used together provide the reader with a course of study and application of the Tree of Life in daily practice and is an invaluable resource for those wishing to integrate the mysteries of the Qabalah into their spiritual practice.

Earth Magick and Manifestation

A Year of Gaia: The Eternal Cord

First Edition: February 2017             172 pgs.              $15

Alchemical Element Studies

The Elemental Year: Aligning the Parts of SELF
First Edition: February 2013​                 
125 pgs.                    $16

S/H      3-4  Books

Contemplative Spirituality and Poetry

The Magickal Pen: Volume One

A Collection of Esoteric Writings

First Edition:  February 2014        139 pgs.                $16

Contemplative Spirituality

A Weekly Reflection: Musings for the Year

First Edition:  November  2012           118 pgs.        $12        

Self-Reflection and Shadow Work

Writings in the Shadow

First Edition: March 2019                           92 pgs.                         $15

Hermetic Qabalah

The Inner Chamber: Volume Three
Awakening the Paths
First Edition: February 2014     
237 pgs.  and   37  Illustrations         $18

....  A Weekly Reflection: Musings for the Year offers 52 weeks of inspired thought and creative activity that encourage the reader to take a closer look at the perceptions they have of spiritual practice and the world around them.  The word “reflection” was chosen to encourage the idea that every piece of information, every event or action, every thought or feeling is somehow mirrored within our own being. This reflection often goes unnoticed until we take the time to pause and re-read, re-do or re-think. Each Weekly Reflection, is followed by a blank note page to record your impressions and thoughts about that week’s topic. This small volume will take you on a journey back to your inner self and cultivate an awareness of the many sources of insight that we encounter daily, weekly and yearly.   Read an excerpt here....​​

....  Sleeping with the Goddess is a book of nightly devotions to be used in seeking greater insight into the Goddess in all of Her forms. Its content is separated into Four Sections: General Devotionals; the Phases of the Moon; the Seasons and a special section of three Pathworkings for those seeking a longer experience. Each entry is followed by a blank page labeled, Dreamtime Notes, that may be used to record any dreams or visions that may arise after your reading. These journalings will serve as the foundations from which you develop greater rapport with those Goddesses that you most resonate with. Settle into the comfort of your nighttime routine and begin your journey of forging an intimate relationship with the Goddess.  Read an excerpt here....​​

Nature Spirituality, Photography and Poetry

The Enchanted Gate: Musings on the Magick of Nature

First Edition:  February 2013              83 pgs.              $13

....  The Magickal Pen is a collection of esoteric writings using poetry, prose and pathworking as tools of experience.  This small book represents a decade of select writings inspired by and reflecting the author's spiritual journey in service to a path of devotion and the Divine. Chapter One focuses on the Cornerstones of Magickal Practice including spells, the creation of Sacred Space and the exploration of the Alchemical Elements. Chapter Two follows the cycle of the Great Wheel of the Witch's Solar year, including a special pathworking for Imbolc. Chapter Three is a collection of poetry, invocation and writings offered in Devotion to Deity and the Divinity we find within. And, the book concludes with Chapter Four offering select Pathworkings and suggestions for their use in mundane and magickal endeavors.    Read an excerpt here....​​

S/H  3 - 4  Books

S/H  1 - 2 Books

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S/H  1 - 2 Books

Wordsmith    Ritualist      Author      Teacher      Weaver of Magick

S/H      1-2  Books

S/H  1 - 2 Books


The Sacred Feminine and Devotional

Sleeping with the Goddess: Nights of Devotion
First Edition: February 2015         
165 pgs.                 $15

....  Temple of the Sun and Moon provides the reader with the tools to achieve a deeper understanding of and connection to the Solar and Lunar energies. You will find some theory, but only just enough to whet your appetite for more. The majority of the teachings are offered through the tools of prose, poetry and pathworking as a way of creating a richer, more sensorial experience in developing a daily practice of luminous devotions.
       Part One begins with a simple pathworking of connection to Earth, our home in this greater Cosmos. Parts Two and Four explore the energy of the Sun and the Moon in their physical and spiritual forms. These writings include pathworkings and experiential practices using the assigned alchemical elements for each, their specific phases and cycles, flow of their energies through our subtle anatomy and more. Parts Three and Five are poetic and prose renditions of devotionals that arose from experience, ritual, meditation and communion with the Sun and the Moon. Additionally there is exploration of the Sun and the Moon within the discipline of the Hermetic Qabalah. 
Read an excerpt here....​​

S/H      1-2  Books

....  It's Written in the Stars is the First Volume in The Inner Chamber series. This series of books is meant to serve as a glimpse into the cornerstones of a well structured magickal practice. The focus of Volume One is to take the reader on a journey through the astrological signs of the Zodiac and explore their unique energies as applied to self-evolvement and magickal working. Part One discusses the attributes of each of the twelve astrological signs, their expression through the three modalities and the four elements. Part Two offers twelve pathworkings each specific to one of the Twelve signs. Additionally the pathworkings may be used as a meditative tool. This book is an invaluable resource offering a unique perspective for those pursuing esoteric and magickal studies. Read an excerpt here....

..... The Great Work is that of refining and elevating the state of consciousness to a place of awareness and revelation of the subtleties of the Universe. And, in the cycle of return, the Great Work is that of bringing those treasures to a place where they may be used for the highest good of all .... Using the tools of poetry, applicable theory and pathworking the reader is guided through the layers of consciousness, suggested disciplines to enhance spiritual practice and some basic breathing exercises to deepen your experience of yourself as a being of Light.  

Read an excerpt here​​...

This book is the companion volume to Awakening the Paths and used together provide the reader with a course of study and application of the Tree of Life in daily practice and is an invaluable resource for those wishing to integrate the mysteries of the Qabalah into their spiritual practice.

.... Poetry of the Spheres is the Second Volume in The Inner Chamber series. Volume Two provides an overview of the Tree of Life through the lens of the Western Mystery Tradition. The viability of overlay of this system of information is proven in its effects and insights gained when applied to a sound magickal practice. Part One is an introduction to the core concepts and structure of the Qabalistic Tree and serves as reference for use as the reader moves through each chapter. Part Two gives insight into the energies of the individual Sephirah. Each chapter provides key information to awaken the energy of the spheres using poetry, prose and illustrations.  Part Three offers Eleven Pathworkings to be used as a meditative tool to gain deeper insight into the applied energies of the Sephiroth of the Tree. This book is an invaluable resource for those wishing to integrate the mysteries of the Qabalah into their spiritual practice.

Read an excerpt here....

Hermetic Qabalah

The Inner Chamber: Volume Two
Poetry of the Spheres
First Edition: November 2012             
266 pgs. and  42 Illustrations             $18


The Inner Chamber: Volume One
It’s Written in the Stars 
First Edition: November 2012               
112 pgs.                 $15

.... Writings in the Shadow is an exploration of the horrors that can be held in the light and what the nature of darkness and shadow have the potential to be. Writings is separated into four parts, each including poetry and prose that create the vision and ambiance of taking a journey into the realm of the shadow. Part Four provides the reader with pathworkings that engage and stimulate a personal experience that can be repeated regularly as part of a spiritual practice of deepening. This book is small in its number of pages but is rich in its ability to take the reader more deeply into the work of transformationRead an excerpt here​​....

S/H  3 - 4  Books

S/H      3-4  Books

Self-Awareness and Self-Informed Spiritual/Magickal Growth

The Light of SELF: Consciousness, Spiritual Practice and Learning to Breathe

First Edition: February 2018                    120 pgs.                   $15

NOTE:  You will need Acrobat Reader to view the pdf book excerpts. The free download is available here:  Acrobat Reader

…. The journey into the beauty of Gaia awaits you. She is the breath of life that flows in the breezy currents awakening tree and leaf to moving grace. SHE is the tumultuous waters that rise with the tides and peak in ecstasy reshaping the shore. Gaia is the fertile field that opens itself to the planting of seed and grazing of the four-legged creatures. All flow one to the other and Gaia, as the Earth Mother dons her mantle of Wisdom in the ways of time and manifest creation .... 

A Year with Gaia is a very personal book that will serve as a journal of a year of contemplation and action as you deepen your understanding and connection to our planetary home. This home is seen as the energy of the Goddess, Gaia, the Earth Mother and we, as stewards of the physical world and our manifest form within it, have access to the mysteries and gifts of this beautiful temple of nature. Throughout the course of a year a weekly focus for reflection and action are provided.  Each week you will be asked to interact in some way with Gaia and from that interaction new paths and ways of perceiving yourself, the planet and the archetypal energy of Gaia will unfold. These are further divided into key concepts that form the vision of Gaia as the Living Earth. At the conclusion of each week’s reading you are given an option of placing a bead on the Eternal Cord of your own creation and at the end of the year you will have a beautiful strand of 52 beads that are the manifest reflection of what you have uncovered on your personal path of working with Gaia.
Read an excerpt here...

Robin Fennelly