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The Magickal ARTS

An exploration of the arts and the Magick inspired by creative endeavors. 

Image: Caitlin Fennelly

I love to write and share new teachings and experiences. The blogs listed below are varied in content and allow me to share those explorations with my readers. 

The Enchanted Gate

The Enchanted Gate celebrates the natural world through photographs, poetry and prose. 

Temple of the Cosmic Spheres

Welcome to Temple of the Cosmic Spheres. This blog is a venue for writings about the planetary energies, the astrological overlays and their impacts on our daily lives.These explorations will be approached using poetry, pathworkings, suggested magickal workings, fact, fiction and lore. Correspondences to numerology and Qabalah will be referenced for those wanting to dig a little deeper into these cosmic mysteries.

The Sacred Literary

Welcome to The Sacred Literary! I love to read and would like to share the treasures I have found along the way with you. My intent is to feature a book and then offer commentary and insights that I have experienced through its reading. These will not be reviews of the books, but simply my own findings and perhaps some inspiration for you to take a new or closer read. I am most interested in your comments and welcome any suggestions for discussion of books you have found to be keys to unlocking your own spiritual truths. My hope is that this blog will be a shared effort from which deeper wellsprings of knowledge may flow freely.

The Sacred Vessel

The Sacred Vessel Mysteries features articles and ideas focused on developing the spiritual and magickal you. Our bodies are amazing creations and hold the key to unlocking our Divine nature.  Energy work has been my focus for many years and exploring the varied techniques that are used to enliven the physical body and spiritual bodies has provided a way of deeper insight and gnosis in all my workings. Including this type of training and conscious awareness of our energetic centers is a vital component of magickal training and following any path of Spirit.

Robin Fennelly

Writer     Teacher     Ritualist     Weaver of Magick


Join me at the Square - A Sage Woman Blog

The Womb of Light: Alchemy of the Goddess

Womb of Light is an exploration of the Sacred Feminine and the application of Her transformative energies. These writings will have the intent and focus of inspiring, quickening within the individual the thirst for deeper connection and opening to the magick and gnosis of the Goddess in all of Her forms.  She is the Mother, the Uraeus, the Muse, the Warrior, and the Healer, to name a few.  SHE is the cycle of life and death and all that is held between; and my goal is to share the wisdom of her Womb of Light that all may claim their Divine Birthright.

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Magickally Human

Welcome to Magickally Human! Remembering to be fully present in our physical experience is something that can be easily overlooked as we practice and strive towards fulfillment of our spiritual paths. This blog is meant to be that reminder as we look at the gifts of everyday experiences and cultivate the tools to strengthen these so the beauty and magick of the ordinary can become the gifts and tools of the extraordinarily Divine.

The Magickal Pen

In 2009, The Magickal Pen was born. It was my first foray into the world of blogging and I've enjoyed every moment of writing since then. In many ways it was were I found my writing voice and a new way of creative expression. Poetry, prose, fiction and everything esoteric are the subject of the posts.